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Don's Institute of Martial Arts

“Dance & Arts Center”, Tai-Wo Building, 11th Floor, 513 Nathan Road, Yau Ma Tei, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

(Close to: Yau Ma Tei MTR exit C)

(852) 6104-9558

email: lonewolfdon (at) yahoo.com

Website: http://www.hkjujitsu.com/

Offers classes in Jujitsu with Mixed Martial Arts and Tai-Chi taught by experienced, certified instructors. Improve and maintain your health while you learn a practical self-defence. For more information, visit our website at: www.hkjujitsu.com

Location: Hong Kong

School type: Japanese

Class size: 10

Art type: Mixed

Year Started: 2004 (2 years)

Head Instructor: Don McPherson


Certified Jujitsu Instructor, Member of Hong Kong Martial Arts Association, Member of World Kobudo Association, Rank of 3rd Dan Black Belt in Jujitsu.

Additionally, "Sifu" Cheng teaches lessons based in Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan.






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